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  Archived News  

25 September 2004 Some memory leaks during skin change were removed in version
22 September 2004 WakeMeUp! got 5 stars gold award from
22 September 2004 Minor improvements in WakeMeUp!
17 September 2004 "Repeating beeps" alarm action, enhanced alarms listview and Edit Alarm window in WakeMeUp!
12 September 2004 Minor user interface enhancements in version
8 September 2004 Updated FAQ section
5 September 2004 Improved fade-in function hardware compatibility in version
3 September 2004 The bug in installer that prevented successful WakeMeUp! system service update is fixed in WakeMeUp!
30 August 2004 New customizable fade-in function and minor enhancements in WakeMeUp!
20 August 2004 Minor bugfixes in new WakeMeUp!
11 August 2004 The release of WakeMeUp! with improved skin management system with one serious bug fixed that could crash WakeMeUp! in some cases.
10 August 2004 Decreased installation package size and some bugfixes in WakeMeUp!
1 August 2004 Buy WakeMeUp! in August and get 10% off! Click here to know more.
25 July 2004 WakeMeUp! release is out. Now it includes 5 additional skins and over 20 skins can be downloaded from our server.
18 July 2004 Some multi-language user interface bugs were fixed in new build (WakeMeUp!
13 July 2004 We are proud to tell you we got 5 cow rating from!
12 July 2004 WakeMeUp! 1.2 ( is out. Its main improvements include integrated What's This help and command line execution feature.
22 June 2004 The release of a new build with improved TimeSlider (thanks to your feedback) . Now you can edit alarm time directly in WakeMeUp! main window.
20 June 2004 The release of a new version (WakeMeUp! New TimeSlider control to fasten time editing. Have a look at it here. Improved design and usability.
9 June 2004 Build with enhanced usability protection system. Now it won't ask you to fill in the registration form during 15-day trial period.
8 June 2004 New build
7 June 2004 gave WakeMeUp! the status of "highly recommended" product
6 June 2004 We got 5 stars at
3 June 2004 We got 5 stars at
2 June 2004 We got 5 stars at This says it all!
27 May 2004 FAQ section now includes "Tuning BIOS for WakeMeUp!" FAQ
26 May 2004 This site is online
25 May 2004
The first WakeMeUp! stable (not beta) build released. Our congratulations to beta testers. Great work!
20 May 2004
A price of a single WakeMeUp! license will be USD $16.80. Our partner will be Share-It!
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